Message From Jim Riticher:

Congratulations to Rob Price. He ran a very good campaign with a lot of help.

Thanks very much to all my supporters, both this time and in years past. I couldn’t have done it without you. Dunwoody has come a long way, both since city-hood and in my 8 years on council, and will continue to progress.

I think I pulled all of my signs Wednesday, but if I missed one or two, feel free to dispose or call or text me at (404) 271-9554 and I will arrange to remove.

Be good and we’ll see you in the ‘Wood!

Jim Riticher

For Dunwoody City Council Post 2

Experienced Leadership

  • Ongoing Police Support
  • Continued Park Buildout
  • Roads, Sidewalks, Paths
  • Smart Planning
  • Ongoing Police Support
Jim Riticher

Vote Tuesday

November 2

Steady Progress For Dunwoody!

Experienced Leadership

Ongoing Police Support

I am proud to have been a part of supporting the Dunwoody Police Department over the last 8 years with approval of the additional positions, pay increases, and equipment funding needed for our security. One of the main reasons citizens voted for Dunwoody’s cityhood in 2008 was because DeKalb County simply did not do a good job on policing in Dunwoody. Our PD has done a great job of balancing effective tough policing with being extremely respectful to all our citizens.


2020 saw the biggest spike in violent crime since crime statistics have been kept. Not coincidentally, it also saw a lot of unfair, unjust branding of all police by the despicable acts of a very few lawbreakers who are being brought to justice. I refuse to take part in this and support the Dunwoody PD wholeheartedly. And I am proud of my wife’s association as treasurer with the private Dunwoody Police Foundation, a 501(c)(3) which raises money to fund police support efforts over and above what city taxes and budgets provide.

Continued Park Buildout

During my tenure on council, I have been involved in what can only be described as a massive increase in our park facilities. During my time on council, we have (in rough chronological order):

  • Built parks in Project Renaissance / Dunwoody Green with playgrounds, bathrooms, and green space, and bocce courts.
  • Built the very popular multipurpose trail that circles Brook Run Park.
  • Built out Pernoshal Park with a pavilion, bathrooms, basketball courts, and general-purpose fields, and multipurpose trails connecting to Brook Run Park.
  • Completely rebuilt the playground and tennis courts and added bathrooms to Windwood Hollow Park.
  • Negotiated a land swap with DeKalb County Schools which allowed a new Austin Elementary to be built. We got:
  • New property taken from the middle school site on which we built two state of the art baseball fields to replace the ones lost to provide land for the new Austin site.
  • After hours use of the rectangular field and track at the middle school.
  • The old Austin school site as incremental park land. We are currently getting public input and developing preliminary master plans for that property.

We spent numerous hours in executive sessions at the end of council meetings over a 16 month period fine tuning this very complex land swap agreement with the school system. There are aspects of this which go on for 20 years. I am proud of the results and my part in this.

  • Installed new playground equipment at Dunwoody Nature Center, and supported DNC’s construction of the North Woods Pavilion there. Supported the installation of the new outside deck.
  • Rebuilt bathrooms and other spruce up efforts at the North DeKalb Arts Center.
  • At Brook Run we have built a new amphitheater, two state of the art soccer fields, two picnic pavilions, new parking areas, and supporting bathrooms. These facilities opened at the beginning of the pandemic, and the amphitheater is just now getting proper use. If you haven’t been to one of the concerts there, you’ve missed a great time!
  • With DeKalb County’s help we purchased the old/defunct Waterford swim and tennis club, filled in the swimming pool, rebuilt the tennis courts, and built a picnic pavilion for our new Waterford Park. We have a planned phase two buildout that will add bathrooms, increase parking, and add some paths and path bridges.

Roads, Sidewalks, Paths

Prior to cityhood in 2008 Dunwoody suffered from decades of neglect from DeKalb County. Roads were being repaved rarely if at all, and stormwater systems were not being maintained or improved. One of the main promises of the cityhood process was that we would all get our roads repaved!

Since we became a city, we have repaved approximately 2/3rds of our city’s streets. Many of them were in terrible, terrible condition, long overdue for repaving, and many of those that remain to be repaved are the same. We must make good on the promises made and maintain a repaving process such that we never get behind again. We do this through careful planning via laser truck surveys which drive our annual paving program priorities.

While repaving our roads, we have also done much to improve our pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure. We are currently at the end of our first sidewalk plan, which emphasized sidewalks for the suburban arterials and walk-to-school routes within neighborhoods. Council is currently approving a new sidewalk plan to determine our priorities for the next several years.

In addition to sidewalks, we are also building out multi-use paths (typically 12’ wide) in lieu of lane-edge bicycle lanes. We have found the MUPs are much preferred by families with younger riders. MUPs are currently in the works for sections of Mt. Vernon, Winters Chapel, and Tilly Mill, as well as along Ashford-Dunwoody in Perimeter Center. We have had developers build MUPs as conditions of zoning, as is the case for the one connecting the Georgetown-Perimeter Center MUP bridge to the Perimeter Center East park property (which I hope to see built out in the next year or so).

Smart Zoning

Dunwoody continues to well-balance landowner property rights and citizen concerns with our zoning process. The recent completion of the Dunwoody Village Overlay Zoning process is a great example of this. Many months of hard work involving the adjacent residents, the landowner, the DHA, and the City resulted in a compromise that will benefit all and allow for future redevelopment that will further enhance Dunwoody.